We are renowned high-tech enterprise, specialized in manufacturing and supplying waste tire recycling equipment and complete waste tire rubber powder production plants.
For a dozen years of developing and practicing, we have established advanced management mode and perfect quality assurance system that can provide customers with excellent design, manufacture, installation, debugging and after-sale service.
Whirlston Waste Tire Recycling LineWhy Recycling Waste Tire?
Along with the rapid development of automobile industry, the problem of environmental pollution and resource wasting caused by waste tires has become more and more serious and obvious. Recycling waste tires has drawn worldwide attention. Waste tire recycling can not only relieve the problem of rubber resource scarcity and save large amount of money for economic construction, but reduce the “black pollution”, which is very significant for us to develop the circular economy and establish an economical society.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers by supplying premium products. We will keep on innovating and improving, thus building a top brand and building up the modern company image. It is our belief that we will offer reasonable price, good prestige, perfect quality guarantee system and after-sale service. Why Recycling Waste Tire

Product Range
We present a comprehensive range of high quality waste tire recycling machines with fast delivery and cost-effective price. Incorporating advanced technologies and latest designs, the products have created ripples in the global market. Following is the wide range of products available at competitive prices.

* Waste Tire Rubber Powder Production Line
* Tire Sidewall Ring Cutter
* Tire Strip Cutter
* Tire Block Cutter
* Rubber Crusher
* Tire Debeader
* Tire Shredding Machine
* Hydraulic Tire Cutter
* Steel Ring Separator
* Rubber Milling Machine
* Magnetic Separator
* Fiber Separator
Rubber Crusher waste tire shredder