With the fast development of auto industry, more and more black pollution produced by waste tires has become a threat to the environment we live in. Besides, the pressure of energy, resource and environmental protection on economic development is increasing, so the idea of circulation economic is becoming increasingly important. Our comprehensive range of high quality waste tire recycling machines can do great help here!


Recycling the waste tires can not only ease the shortage of rubber resource, but reduce the black pollution, which is conductive to develop circle economy and establish resources-saving society. Currently, waste tires recycling has got a great achievement in China. Especially in recent years, with the maturation of tire retreading technology and waste tire rubber reclaiming technology, comprehensive utilization and harmless disposal of waste tires have turned swiftly to the road of industrial development.
Large scale distributing centers are mainly centered in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and the capacity can reach up to 3,000,000 tons per year. You can also find the small and medium size waste tire recycling points in the main towns of each province. All levels of government have started to plan the site, establish market, and put forward the management requirement of waste tires storage. After several years efforts, the reclaimed rubber and rubber powder have largely replaced the rubber resources, thus lessening the independence on imported rubber, alleviating the excessive demand of natural rubber. Generally, the waste tire recycling industry has developed into resource saving and recycling social service industry, and has yielded remarkable social and economic benefits. However, there are still some obvious problems in the development process, which are conspicuously presented in the following aspects.


1. Low Tire Retreading Rate
Retreading is the highest valued method of recycling waste tires. However, the development speed of retreading in China is not so quick, there is still a big gap between China and developed countries. There are three main factors affecting the development of tire retreading. First, the quality of domestic tire is poor, which limits the quantity of valuable waste tires for retreading. Second, most car owners lack the sense of tire maintenance. Besides, insufficient understanding of waste tire retreading make the retreading industry difficult to expand.
2. No Wide Application of Waste Tires
Currently, rubber reclaiming is the major way of recycling waste tires. Our rubber powder production technology has reached the leading level of the world, and the technological equipment can basically satisfy the requirements of rubber powder industrial development. However, due to the policy, tax, national standard, etc. the expansion of rubber powder industry is constrained.


3. No Standardized System of Waste Tire Recycling
Standardized system of waste tire recycling has not yet established in China nowadays. About 40% of the waste tires have not been efficiently utilized yet. Waste tires recycling points are not listed in urban infrastructure planning.
4. Lagging Management, Legislation and Policy Support
The developed countries give their supports through establishing a relatively complete set of legal and policy system. So far, no specific legislation of recycling waste tire has been found in China. Besides, there is no detailed method of carrying out the polluter pays principle.
5. Harmless Comprehensive Disposal Technology Need to be Improved
According to the industry expert, even though the recycling rate of waste tire is high, resource and comprehensive utilization level still need to be improved. Especially in some backward small businesses, due to the lack of effective management, a lot of used tires have been used for illegally refining oil that causes gigantic environmental pollution.