Rubber mulch is made from recycled scrap tires and other rubber materials. It is a popular alternative to wood mulches to be used on playgrounds. The reason for this is for its physical features, such as durability and relative safety. Apart from playground, it is also commonly used in garden and yard because it has superior advantages compared with wood mulch, such as prevent weed growth and soil erosion, reduce fungus, etc. Although rubber mulch is usually made in factories, you can still make shredded rubber mulch by yourself at home if you have right equipment and tools.
1. Scrap Tires Collecting
Collect scrap, old and worn out tires from trucks, cars, bicycles or scooters. You can also buy scrap tires from junkyards at low cost or get from someone you know who has them laying around. As to the tire condition, you do not have to worry about because they will be shredded ultimately.


2. Steel Belting Removing
When collecting tires, try to find tires which have not been steel belted. But if you have some tires which are steel belted, remove it by using pliers and chisel. As steel can cut skin, so do not forget to wear gloves.
3. Rubber Shredding
You need a rubber shredder to shred the steel-free rubber. Under this condition, you can buy an industrial shredder to finish this job. Or you can also contact with your local rental center to rent out a shredder if you don’t want to purchase. Read instruction manual carefully and make sure the machine is designed to shred rubber before working.
4. Rubber Mulch Painting
Paint rubber mulch according to your personal willingness. Adopt paint which is available in your local paint store. The best method to paint is to with a sprayer, or stir the paint and rubber mulch in a clean barrow. Keep stirring with a rake to make sure that rubber being painted evenly, then dry it on tarp to prevent paint from leaching into soil.
Once dry, rubber mulch can be placed in designated areas of your garden or lawn, layer of mulch should be half as deep as traditional mulch.