With the rapid development of automobile industry, large number of waste tires are produced every year. The waste tire has strong resistance to heat, creature and mechanical stress. And it can not be decomposed easily. Long term accumulation in the open air not only occupies a lot of land, but extremely easy to breed mosquitoes to spread disease, and it is easy to result in a fire. This black pollution has become a worldwide environmental problem. Therefore, how to turn the waste tires into treasure is really a very serious problem.


1. Direct Utilization
The waste tires can be utilized directly. Generally, they can be used as fender of port and vessels, bulwark, floating lighthouse, guidepost, fish shelter, wall panel on the road, etc. However, only less than 1% of the total waste tires are utilized directly.
2. Thermal Decomposition
Fuel gas, oil, carbon black and steel can be separated and extracted from waste tires. It is reported that 550kg fuel oil and 350kg carbon black can be recycled from 1t waste tires. However, due to the large investment, high recycling cost and poor quality of recycled products, this recycling mode is difficult to popularize, and it needs further improvement.
3. Tire Retreading
The tire retreading is the necessary choice of tire industry developing cycle economy. Retreading can not only prolong the service life of tire, save energy and raw material, lower transportation cost, but reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, tire retreading has a good developing prospect.
4. Reclaimed Rubber


Recycling waste tire into reclaimed rubber is adopted around the world, which is regarded as the most scientific, reasonable and widely used way to recycle the waste tire. Especially since the reform and opening-up, new technologies and innovations have promoted the popularization of reclaimed rubber industry.
5. Vulcanized Rubber

Recycling waste tire into vulcanized rubber is a newly material science, which is a promising recycling mode combined with environmental protection and resources recycling. It is a optimum utilization form of circular economy developing. Since the rubber powder industry is still at the starting stage, the emerging industry has not been brought into being.