Recycled tyre rubber are progressively used for cows and horses stall flooring. From arena flooring and bedding options to stall mats and flooring tiles, recycled tyre rubber exhibits a lot of benefits.


Durable in Use
Rubber mats are durable in use and can hold their shape for many years. For arena flooring, recycled tyre rubber will not decompose as some natural flooring do and will last for years.
Low Dust
Dust is hazardous for the health of both horse and human, making them more prone to respiratory issues. For indoor riding arenas, reducing dust is especially important due to the absence of wind and fresh air. Watering the arena adds compaction and aids in the breakdown of the flooring materials. Adding tyre rubber is an effective solution as it does not decompose like other natural materials and thus will not generate dust. Meanwhile, rubber can suspend the sand and reduce compaction, which in turn prevents the sand from natural breakdown, reducing the dust. In this way less watering is required also.
Insulated Cold and Humidity


Insulation against cold and humidity environments help protect cows and horses against rheumatism and fatigue.
Enhance Comfort, Improve Safety
Excellent shock absorption, high resilient properties, plus excellent traction provided by the non-slip surface even when damp or wet, help prevent stress-related injuries to horses and cows, and enhance cushion for feet and legs, reduces the risks of falls and injuries related to it.
Enhance Performance
High traction and resilient surface enhance the performance of the horses on arena, as dynamic, uniform riding minimizes concussion shock, muscle strain and injury to the tendons.


Increase Milk Production
Rubber cow mat can even improve milk production. A dairy cow spends about 14 hours a day averagely to rest. Rubber mat reduces the stress of the cow and makes it lying comfortably thus encourage it to rest more, so they will in turn be able to put more energy into milk production.
Free Draining
Rubber is free draining in the wet so the arena is ready to ride on soon after heavy rain, while resists freezing in the winter.
Easy to Clean, Improve Hygiene
Rubber mat is easy to clean so that the matting is more hygienic than other flooring materials.
Less Bedding
By using rubber mat, less bedding is required for the stall, so that mucking time and bedding cost are reduced.
We supply tire recycling machine which can process the tires into rubber powder for making stable mats and arena flooring materials. The steel wire in the rubber is removed by magnetic separation, adding the safety.