Statistic shows that 3 billion waste tires have accumulated around the world now, and it still shows an increasing trend. These elastic polymer materials don’t melt, leaving them outside not only take up large-scale lands, but easy to breed mosquitoes, spread disease and pose a fire risk. How to recycle the waste tires adequately has become an urgent problem now. Our waste tire recycling line really do great help. Rubber powder produced by our waste tire recycling machine can be made into various products, including rubber runway. What are the advantages of rubber runway?


♣ Elastic: it has excellent elasticity and modest rebound flexibility, produce suitable bounce for athletes, thus protecting joint and ligament, reducing the risk of injury. Besides, it lowers the consumption of physical strength and enhances competition.
♣ Wear-resisting: rubber runway has good wear resistance, which can guarantee the rubber runway structure and permanent stability constant for 7mm running spikes, thereby, can protect the leg joints from accidental injuries.
♣ Prevent Slippery: rubber runway is made of highly concentrated glue, ensuring matter surface and providing athletes stable security contact, even in wet conditions and bad weather.
♣ Stable: anti-aging runway surface is extremely weather resistant, anti-ultraviolet radiation, resistance to rain and ozone. Its inner physical mechanical properties ensure performance stability and service life permanency.
♣ Easy Maintenance: rubber runway can maintain long-term bright colors and no aging and deformation even in a variety of harsh weather conditions. A tough elastic layer and buffer layer can absorb strong impact, the surface will not easy to damage, therefore no special maintenance.
♣ Non-toxic: all the materials are non-toxic, harmless and renewable, which is beneficial to the protection of the environment and human beings.
♣ Economical: despite the higher costs on the surface of rubber runway, its durability and less maintenance can greatly reduce the labor, management and maintenance costs, which is an investment in the long-term benefit.
♣ Excellent Appearance: even thickness of surface layer, beautiful and multi-colors. Special construction process, strong adhesion can suppress the water rises, thus guarantee the surface smooth, no blistering and peeling or other phenomena.