In recent years, the scrap tires have increased dramatically under the effect of vehicle replacement, and they have become a new pollution. Fortunately, resource recycling of waste tires as a sunrise industry, has gradually become the consensus of people. Retreading and application of waste tires in particular have become the driving force of comprehensive utilization of used tyres.
Retreading is a re-manufacturing process for worn tires that have lost the use of performance. It is the most important and efficient approach to recycle waste tires.


* Prolong the life cycle: A worn tire can be retreaded repeatedly and then regain 60%-90% of the life cycle. If correctly used and well-maintained, a used tyre’s life span can be doubled or tripled.
* Save money: A retreaded tire only consumes 15%-30% of raw materials and provides 80% savings on fuel compared to processing a new tire. Assumes new tire cost of $410 and retread cost of $175, results are as follows:


* Safe: Through strict production and testing according to stringent industry standards, they are widely used on various vehicles rang from airplanes and ambulances, to taxis and trucks, as well as school buses and military aircrafts.
* Environmental-friendly: Environmental problems caused by waste tires are extremely severe.
☆ Fire: a mass of disorganized scarp tires easily cause serious fire and the consequences could be disastrous.
☆ Smoke: through burning waste tire for the recovery of steel will generate acrid smoke, which causes fearful environmental problems and pose a threat to human health.
☆ Waste: a large number of waste tires are not processed, thus form
unsightly stockpiles which not only occupy large-scale lands but also reduce the value of the surrounding real estate.
Above major pollution problems will be eliminated with the collection process of waste tires.
Current Situation
Now, the countries and regions of retreading tire producing with large capacity, are the United States, the European Union, Japan, China, India and Brazil, the total output accounts for almost 90% of the world.
At present, the tire retreading production has covered more than 100 countries and regions all over the world, and over 10,000 enterprises are engaged in tyre retreading and their annual production capacity exceeds one hundred million tires, medium-scale manufacturers have reached more than 5,000.