Why Recycle Scrap Tires
Large quantities of scrap tires are discarded in the world right now, this quantities are still increasing along with the universality of cars. Tires can not safely perform its originally designed tasks after long time service on cars, trucks, agricultural and logging applications. Then the right way to deal with these tires are quite necessary as tires may cause serious problem to environment and people health.
Concerns about Scrap Tires
Scrap tires may become breeding grounds for rodents and mosquitoes which carry diseases if discarded illegally. Tires are easy to catch fires under stockpiled condition and not easy to put off. If tires catch fire, they would release toxic gases into the air and hazardous oily residue that would pollute ground water and streams.
Markets for Scrap Tires
Tire Derived Fuel
Fuel is one of the first and still the largest market for processed scrap ties. Compared with coal, tire derived fuel has a higher BTU, together with its characteristics of stable and readily available to make it become a popular clean energy source. Tire derived fuel can be used in cement kilns, pulp and paper mill boilers, utility boilers, foundry cupolas, etc. One pound of tire derived fuel can replace two pounds of coal in a coal-burning plant.
Tire Derived Aggregate
Tire derived aggregate is well suitable for many civil engineering applications for its physical features. It can be used in septic and leachate systems for its good drainage characteristics. It can also be employed in highway and light rail projects to reduce vibration for its vibration damping features.
Ground Rubber Application
Ground rubber, also be called as crumb rubber, can be used to make carpet padding, playground cover, floor mats, sports surfacing, etc. Anyone interested in scrap tire recycling can contact with us. Large and small scale waste tire recycling line are available for you to choose.