In the production of rubber powder, some wastes will be inevitably produced. Inappropriate disposal may pollute the environment. Therefore, we must pay sufficient attention to the disposal of wastes.


* Waste Fiber Recycling
In the production of rubber powder, large amounts of waste fibers will be produced. Burning the waste fibers will bring serious harm to the environment. The fiber for making tire cord is chemical fiber. The main varieties include high tenacity viscose fiber, polyamide fibers, polyester fiber and aromatic polyamide fiber, and all these fibers have high strength. After proper twisting, the fiber can be recycled into tire cord again, which is widely used for making cover tire of heavy-duty tire of car, plane, etc. Besides, the waste fibers can also be used for making fiber powder, resin particles, building materials, etc.
Sorting machine is mainly used for separating fluff fibers from rubber powder, also suitable for grading the rubber powder, and the effect is better than sieving.


* Waste Steel Wire Recycling
Waste steel is also an important by-product in the production process. The steel can be collected to make slightly lower-quality metallic material after being melted down in the boiler. Tire steel is a kind of high performance steel, which makes up 14% of the whole tire mass. Therefore, the waste steel has relatively higher recycling value.
Bias tire has a low steel content, steel separation can be achieved by fixing magnet. For the steel separation of radial tire, drum magnetic separator is a better choice.
* Waste Water Recycling
A: Cooling water for rubber shredder must be reused.
B: Rubber cleaning is the physical process. Therefore, the waste water can be reused to wash the rubber again after simple treatment.
* Dust Removing
Produced in the rubber grinding process, the small dust can enter the body through breathing system, causing harm for human body. So efficient measures should be taken to minimize the production of dust. Dust removing equipment need to be adopted.
* Noise Eliminating
Noise pollution mainly comes from rubber cutting and grinding process. According to the survey, if the noise exceed 100 decibels, the health of employees will be influenced. We must take measures to remove or block the noise.