More than 10 billion waste tires are discarded every year, how to deal with the waste tires is a global problem for the government. The developed countries do take the waste tires recycling very seriously. They give their full support for recycling the waste tires, by contrast, the support of our government is insufficient. It is specifically manifested in the following three aspects.


No Legislation
The developed countries give their support through legislating, setting up expert body and offering financial subsidies and tax exemption. So far, no specific legislation of recycling waste tire has been found in China. Besides, there is no detailed method of carrying out the polluter pays principle. In 2001, State Economic and Trade Commission explicitly mentioned the financial and tax preferential policies. However, currently there is no specific, operable measures to implement the policy.
Management Vacuum

In the planned economic system, used tire recycling, tire retreading and reclaimed rubber manufacturing are managed by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Materials and Ministry of Chemical Industry respectively. However, along with the reform of state institution, these three ministries are canceled, resulting in the ungoverned, unordered production and management in reclaimed rubber and rubber powder industries. In fact, in the chain of waste tire recycling, fields of chemical industry, construction materials, transportation and machinery are involved. All these fields need to be coordinated and arranged comprehensively.


No Financial Subsidies
The developed countries offer financial subsidies for recycling the waste tire. First, the waste tires are free to use. Generally, they are offered by the local dealers directly. Second, recycling the waste tires does not cost any money, but get the subsidies from the government. Third, the waste tire recycling company is exempt from tax. Therefore, the profit margins will be improved, thus providing the strength of continued development.
According to a survey, the industry of waste tire recycling has a bright future in China, which can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but make up for the shortage of rubber resource. However, there is no financial subsidies in China. If the government will not adopt any measures from policy, the prospect of waste tire recycling will be gloomy.