Rubber mulch is a layer of rubber material which can be applied to soil surface. It has a long history and is getting increasingly popular nowadays. It is an ideal choice to be used on landscape and play areas. Not only available in black, it can also be dyed into bright colors or made to resemble wood chips. Rubber mulch can be used anyplace where wood mulch is used. Unlike wood mulch, it can be used near trees and wood structures as it does not attract insects or termites for its physical characteristics.
Composition of Rubber Mulch
Rubber mulch is made up of scrap tire buffings or nuggets of rubber from tires that are ground up after steel bands removed. Almost any tire can be made into rubber mulch, such as car tire, truck tires and trailers tires. People use rubber mulch for its various advantages.


Advantages of Rubber Mulch
Environmental Friendly
Rubber mulch comes from recycled scrap tires which would otherwise end up in landfills, so it is considered as environmental friendly.
Rubber mulch is more durable than wood mulch. Wood mulch would fade quickly under sun exposure and natural degradation. While rubber mulch does not decay or decompose, so it does not need to be replaced as often as wood mulch. Besides, the installation of rubber mulch is the same as traditional mulches.
Provide Safety
Rubber mulch has good elasticity which makes it a natural choice to be used as playground surfaces. When children fall of playground equipment, it can provide added safety.
Good for Plants
Rubber mulch can save trees because it reduces the need to cut trees to use as ground cover. Rubber mulch over a weed block landscape fabric eliminate weeds, so it does not need harsh chemicals. 99.4% of rain and irrigation water can pass directly into soil, so it can also save water.
Tire shredding machine can be helpful for you to to make rubber mulch from recycled scrap tires. It can cut the tire into 50*50mm rubber blocks for further crushing. Maximum diameter of the waste tire reaches up to 1200mm.