Currently, on a global scale, more and more manufacturers adopt rubber powder to replace the primary material, which can not only benefit the environmental protection, but more importantly, rubber powder can save the cost efficiently and improve the performance greatly.


▲ Rubber powder can be the raw material for some low-end products, including various kinds of pads, fender, damping material, etc, which have relatively low requirements of mechanical property.
▲ After cleaning, sterilizing and further processing, we can get the rubber powder or rubber particles from waste rubber. The colored resilient floor tile made from rubber powder has both the functionality and decorativeness, overcoming the shortcomings of rigid floor tile. When used as sports ground surface materials, the rubber can not only help the players better carry out their skills, but minimize injuries during sports.
▲ Rubber powder can be one of the raw materials for waterproof roll, waterproof paint, waterproof sealing material, etc. The rubber powder has a better mixing performance with asphalt, resin and other raw materials. The waterproof materials have better aging-resistant performance, good mechanical properties,flexibility and stability.
▲ Rubber powder can also be used to pave the road. Rubber powder contains antioxidants, which can obviously slow down the aging process of road surface and reduce the noise. The abrasive resistance, anti-stripping capacity and anti-abrasion service life of rubber road surface is 2-3 times better than those of ordinary road surface.


▲ Mixed with asphalt, asphalt oil, and flocculant, rubber powder can be used to make modified asphalt. Paving the road with modified asphalt, the abrasive resistance and anti-stripping capacity will be improved greatly, thus lowering the maintenance charge, shortening the braking distance by 25%, and improving the security largely. Besides, the modified asphalt can also be used to make waterproof asphalt caulking putty, effectively increase the softening point and improve the low temperature ductility.
▲ Mix the plastic with rubber powder according to a certain ratio, we can get modified plastic through extruding directly. Experiments show that both the applicability, mixing and extruding performance of modified plastic can be improved.
▲ Add certain percentage of rubber powder when making shoe sole, we can make various shoe soles through directly mixing. Experiments show that comprehensive physical properties of shoe sole is very close to the one without adding rubber powder. And the cost of raw materials is reduced. Besides, the technical parameter of finished sole is in conformity with international standards.