In order to restrain the generation of harmful gas and force car manufacturers to stress the improvement of manufacturing technology, many countries has made rules on car’s environmental standard. The international mainstream are European, American and Japanese standards, which European standards are most widely used.Based on this standard, we enacted our own standard that is more suitable for our real situation. At present, all the cars including the imported ones need to accord with Chinese State Emission Standard IV.

European Emission Standard(EES) combines the emission rules of ECE and emission order of EU. It has gone through several steps: 1992, EESⅠ;1995, EESⅡ; 2000, EESⅢ;2005, EES Ⅳ; 2012, EES Ⅴ;2014 Ⅵ. It is calculated by the emission amount of auto motor in unit driving distance. This way is reasonable for researching the environmental pollution level caused by car.

cute carThen how does this standard come out? Simply speaking, they are rules controlling the emission amount of some harmful gas like HC, NOX, CO, and PM. At the same time, EES divide all the cars into two kind:light vehicle with less than 3500 kg and heavy vehicle over 3500 kg. For light vehicle, the whole car need to accept test on chassis dynamometer while for heavy vehicle, only the engine does test on engine test-bed.


Let’s turn to our own standard. In fact, it has many similarities with European Emission Standard, which includes the required index. But the difference is all the cars need to install an OBD no matter they are imported or manufactured at home. This system will constantly monitor all the important parts and will make engine stop work if the index is beyond the reasonable range. From this point, Chinese State Emission Standard is more strict.

But we also should not forget that because of many other factors like oil quality,etc, the real situation is not as well as that of Europe. As for other problems concerning car like tire recycling, we also need to do more.