Tire scrap are an environmental hazard. In landfills, a large pile of discarded tires can quickly turn into a dangerous fire that is difficult to extinguish and spews pollution. How to recycle tire scrap is causing more and more citizens’ attention.

For an individual, some cute ideas not only help to save troubles of disposing, but also create a scenery in one’ own garden. There are many practical uses for old tires including DIY garden beds or ponds, tire swings, mulch and animal feeders. If you are up for the challenge, you can find more. If you are not, find a recycler near you, let others do this job.

As a business, tire recycling industry is experiencing tremendous growth because of more and more strict requirement of safe disposal. But before you start, having a knowing of the local regulations is very necessary since it varies from state to state.

When you start tire recycling business, learn some basic knowledge of it. Tires can be turned in to crumb rubber, which can be used for rubber-modified asphalt, vehicle mud guards, floor tiles and mats, patio blocks and surfaces for running tracks and playgrounds. Recycled tires are also commonly used as fuel in civil engineering project. The non-rubber portions of the tire are also recycled. For instance, the steel beads that give the tire its shape and structure are processed into specification-grade product used by steel mills for new steel.

Waste tire recycling plantThen you can make a preliminary business plan according to your purpose. You need to have a clear mind of what you will need, especially the vehicles and location. Equipment will vary a lot, depending on what you plan on doing. If you want to produce rubber powder, a waste tire recycling plant will save you a lot of trouble, which has included all necessary machines like tire sidewall cutter, tire strip cutter, tire block cutter, tire shredder, rubber crusher, etc. Check national and local prices for tires and crumb rubber and explore whether there are community grants for green business.

To keep normal operation, ensure to get government approval. One important part is getting a business license and proper zoning for your location. A tire recycling business may require specific permits or licenses, depending upon the location.

After you open the tire recycling yard, you need to strengthen the cooperation with local waste management department, local mechanics, or dealers, etc. The local waste management department will most likely have the most up-to-date information about tire waste in your area.

Tire recycling can avoid many bad effect, but to do legally and efficiently will bring more benefits. Good luck for you!

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