Tire Specifications is the signature data of the tires’ geometric parameters and physical properties. Just like people’s shoes for jogging or running, the wheel of car has great influence on vehicle performance and riding comfort.

tire size

According to international standard, tire specification consists of six parts: tire width, flat ratio, code of tire type, rim diameter, load index, and permissible speed code. Tire width has great effect on vehicle’s fuel consumption. The wider the tire is, the greater the contact area with the ground is, which will add the tire’s friction with the ground. In turn, it will increase fuel consumption. However,every coin has two sides. Wide tire has stronger traction, thus making whole car has better stability.

Flat ratio is an main factor influencing vehicles’ sensitivity to the ground. The lower the flat ratio is, the greater pressure the tires will undertake, which means better sensitivity. That will be good for the driver to have a quick response. Oppositely, if the flat ratio is high, sensitivity will be low and comfort will improve. That’s why SUV has higher fat ratio.

X, R and Z are the common codes of tire types. X represents high-pressure tire;R and Z, radial tire. At present, private cars most choose radial tires and the current radial tire has no inner tube. This tire is not easy to become hot when the car is at high speed. And In case the tires are punctured by nails or sharp objects, the car can still keep running for some distance. Besides, radial tires also has many advantages like simple producing process, light weight, etc.

Load index stands for the maximum load the vehicles will undertake. The larger the number is, the greater load it has. Permission speed is a restriction for the vehicles. If the speed is beyond it, it maybe blow.

Now I’d like to show you an example. The tire specification of the following picture is 195/65R15 91V. Of them, 195 stands for tire width; 65, flat ratio; R, radial;15, rim diameter; 91, load index;V, Permission speed.

tire specification mark

No matter which tires your car has, you need to make proper disposal if they are no longer in use. Tire scrap can be recycled for many applications. If you are in tire recycling business, you can find tire recycling machines here.

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