Tire is an important part of a vehicle. It undertakes almost all the weight of a car and has the direct touch with road. More importantly, it mitigates the impact greatly brought by a car in driving with automotive suspension, ensuring the car comfortable an stable. Since the tire plays an important role in car driving, it attracts more and more attention. How much do you know about it?

Tire’s classification has different standards. According to structure, tire can be sorted into radial ply tyre and diagonal tire; according to tire tread, they are stripe pattern, transverse pattern, mixed pattern and cross-country tread pattern; according to types of the car, it can be classified into eight kinds: PC, LT, TB,AG, OTR, ID, AC and MC. Here I’d like to stress one special tire, that is run-flat tire. Compared with common tires, this tire will not leak air or leak very slowly once punctured, which keeps the car run for a long time to find a maintenance station.

radial tireFor us, the common people, what is familiar to us is radial ply tyre. Personal cars usually use this kind tire. The specification of this tire include width, depth-width ratio, bore size and speed limit sign. What we should pay attention to is depth-width ratio.It stands for the percentage that the height of tire sidewall occupies of tire width. The ratio of modern cards is usually between 50- 70. The littler the ratio is, the more flat the tire is. In order to be adapt to the increasing speed, the tire is changing its shape from roundness to oval shape.Another change is the appearance of atomic tire, that is, a tire without inner tube, which is of simple structure and good thermal dissipation.

Knowing tires and choosing right tires is very important for keeping your car in good condition. Besides, you also can judge whether you need to change your tire. For scrap tires, take them to local recycling center and finally recycled by tire recycling machines for other uses.