Introduction of Fiber Separator
Fiber separator is used for separating the minor fiber and fluff from the rubber powder to improve the purity of crumb rubber. The machine adopts airflow separation principle, having a high separating rate of 99% and above. This fiber separator machine has one outlet for rubber powder and one outlet for fluff.Fiber_from_recycled_tires

Features of Fiber Separating Machine
* Reasonable structure, convenient operation.
* Stable and reliable performance, long service life.
* No air pollution, no dust, low noise.
* Low energy consumption, large capacity, high separating efficiency.

Nylon_FiberWorking Principle of Fiber Separator
The rubber powder enters into the fan from the small magnetic separator in the rubber powder production line. The fan drives the powder along the feeding pipe into the material tank on the top of the fiber separator, and then enters into the separator.
The rotation of main axis makes the fan blade rotate. High speed revolution produces upflow, which forms a negative pressure state. The light fluff flows up while the pure rubber powder falls down as it has a high specific gravity, finally they are discharged through different outlets.

Applications of Recycled Fiber
Waste fiber has certain strength, especially synthetic fiber, which has good elasticity, resistance to acid and alkali. Waste fiber has many applications. It can be used to manufacture rubber products, plastic products, building materials, fiberboard, fiber powder, coating and adhesive materials, etc. The rubber attached on the surface of fiber can be bonded and vulcanized to get ideal physical properties.
Specification of Fiber Separator

Diameter of Impeller
Number of Lamina
Rotate Speed of Main Axis
Motor Power
Overall Size
Net Weight