Hydraulic_Tire_CutterHydraulic Tire Cutting Machine Introduction
Hydraulic tire cutter adopts hydraulic system, is specially designed for cutting car, truck and rear tractor tires apart. The tires need to be debeaded before being cut by this machine. The maximum diameter of waste tires suitable for this cutter reaches up to 2000mm. Tire cutter has broad applicability, and it is applicable for cutting nylon tire, steel wire tire, rubber strips, etc.

Features of Waste Tire Hydraulic Cutter
* Two cylinders, reliable performance.
* Small volume, convenient to move.
* Low energy consumption.
* Adopt hydraulic system, convenient operation and high security.
* Big shearing blades guarantee the good shearing effect and fast shearing speed.

How Hydraulic Tire Cutter to Cut Waster Tires?
Waste tire cutter is made up of motor, hydraulic system, operating cylinder, two blades, rack and rotating device, etc. The hydraulic system and cylinder are driven by the motor. After putting the waste tire between the two blades, the locking cylinder works, which drives the locking arm rotate to fasten the tire. Afterwards, the shearing cylinder works, and it makes the moving blade rotate, achieving the shearing effect.




Hydraulic Waste Tire Cutter Technical Data


tire blocks

Specification of Raw Material
600-2000mm Tires
Specification of Finished Material
200-400mm Tire Blocks
Production Capacity
40-60 Tires per hour
Pulling Force
Max. Tyre Diameter
Knife Material
Alloy Steel
Knife Quantity
2 pieces
Control Way
Automatic System
Main Motor