Steel_Ring_Separating_MachineIntroduction of Steel Ring Separating Machine
Steel ring separator is designed to separate the bead ring from the tire parts which are cut off by ring cutter to get the complete steel ring. Taking advantage of the different speed ratio of the two rollers, the steel wire retains its physical properties, having high use values. The tire section is put into the block cutter to cut into block and further processed in the tire recycling line. Therefore, this separator is the ideal machine for bead wire recycling.

Feature of Steel Wire Separator
Steel_Wire_Separating_Machine* Simple structure, convenient operation.
* High efficiency, low energy consumption.
* Rollers are made of chilled alloy cast iron, high rigidity and high abrasion performance.
* The clearance between the two rollers can be adjusted optionally.
* Eco-friendly, no pollution to the environment.

Working Principle of Steel Ring Separator
The main working parts of steel ring separator are the two relative rotary groove rollers, which are driven by gear through reducer. Due to the different speed ratio of the two rollers, the bead ring will be extruded and crushed between rollers repeatedly until the steel wire is separated completely.

Steel Ring Separating Machine Technical Data

Motor Power
Output Size
Knife Material
YJ-8 Alloy Steel
Overall Size