Tire_Strip_CutterIntroduction of Tire Strip Cutter
Tire strip cutting machine is utilized for cutting the tire which has been cut its sidewall ring steel into certain size of long rubber strip, and the width of the tire strip can be adjusted between 3-8mm. It makes use of two special round cutting tools to achieve continuous cutting. Tire strip cutter is used after the tire ring cutter to make preparations for waste tire recycling process. It’s suitable for the steel wire tires with diameter of less than 1200 mm.

Advantages of Tire Strip Cutter
* The two circle knives are made of special alloy structural steel materials, durable, wear resisting, and can be used repeatedly.
tire_strip_cutting_machine* Wide application, can cut all kinds of tires, rubber sheets into strips.
* This tire strip cutter uses a low speed, low energy consumption, easy operation, and safety.
* High quality, long service life.
* Environmentally friendly, no pollution (no waste gas, no waste residue, no polluted water), meeting the environmental requirement of the government.

Structure of Tire Strip Cutter
This equipment is mainly consists of two blades, motor and reducer, frame and transmission mechanism, etc.

How does Tire Strip Cutter Work?
The principle of tire strip cutter is that through transmission, speed reducer drives two blades to operate uniformly and forming a trend of shearing. Then place the material between the two knives, move forward so that the material can be sheared successfully by the two blades.

Main Technical Data of Tire Strip Cutter

Motor Power
Main Screw Speed
Disc Diameter
Knife Material
Cr12mov Alloy steel
Overall Size